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Cloud Attack Surface Management Bolsters Cloud Security Strategy

RiskProfiler’s Cloud Attack Surface Management Bolsters Cloud Security Strategy for Organizations.


Inventory and Asset Management: You need to know what’s in your cloud environment before you can secure it. This means keeping an up-to-date inventory of all cloud assets, like servers, storage units, databases, applications, etc. RiskProfiler helps you identify your external-facing cloud assets.

Vulnerability Management: This involves identifying potential vulnerabilities in your cloud assets, such as software bugs, configuration errors, or weak security settings. These vulnerabilities are then prioritized based on their risk level and patched or mitigated accordingly. RiskProfiler provides you with actionable results to prioritize and mitigate vulnerabilities.

Access Management: Managing who has access to your cloud environment is crucial. This means enforcing strong authentication and authorization practices, managing user roles and privileges, and regularly reviewing access logs for any suspicious activity. RiskProfiler identifies external-facing resources and helps you prioritize access to such resources to reduce your attack footprint.

Security Configuration Management: Cloud environments often come with security settings that users can configure to meet their specific needs. Ensuring these are set up correctly is a vital part of CASM. RiskProfiler identifies such misconfigurations by focusing on external assets and helps you fix them.

Continuous Monitoring: Lastly, CASM involves continuously monitoring your cloud environment for any changes or suspicious activity. This helps to detect potential threats as soon as they occur and respond quickly to minimize damage. RiskProfiler’s alert mechanism and reporting ensures that a CISO can meet continuous monitoring benchmark from both security as well as compliance perspective.