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Cyber RiskProfiler

Cyber RiskProfiler’s state-of-the-art global bot network uses hacker-like techniques to gather open source intelligence, identify security threats before they impact your business and monitors third-party vendor risk in real-time.

Brand RiskProfiler

Brand RiskProfiler protects your digital reputation across the surface, deep and dark web. We scrape billions of pages every day, extract your brand mentions, perform sentiment analysis and logo abuse detection, and take down fake domains/apps

Enterprise RiskProfiler

Enterprise RiskProfiler provides unified open source and human intelligence data to understand an organization’s internet attack surface. Detecting security misconfigurations, threat intelligence and dark web monitoring help enterprises prevent breaches.

Vendor RiskProfiler

Orchestrate your third party vendor risk assessments with real time validation of questionnaire responses at scale. Vendor RiskProfiler complements Cyber RiskProfiler by providing an holistic view of Third Party vendors internal security controls.


Cloud Risk

Gain visibility and control over your cloud attack surface with Cloud RISK. Using advanced analytics and graph data models, identify assets, prioritize risks, and proactively mitigate threats to secure your cloud environment.

Our Products

Explore Our Portfolio

Continuous cybersecurity ratings with automated risk analysis.

Enhance your security posture with continuous cybersecurity ratings and in-depth automated risk analysis, staying ahead of evolving cyber threats.

Inadequate cybersecurity measures leave organizations vulnerable.

Without adequate cybersecurity measures, organizations are vulnerable to cyber threats. To stay ahead of evolving risks, our continuous cybersecurity ratings and automated risk analysis provide real-time insights, enhancing your security posture and protecting your business from potential attacks.
  • Cyber Risk Ratings
  • Third-Party Security Portfolio
  • Centralized Issues Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Identifying brand risks through proactive surface and dark web monitoring

Brand RiskProfiler helps companies  to monitor their brand reputation across online platforms using data analytics and machine learning. By proactively identifying and addressing potential brand risks, it protects companies’ reputations and ensures customer loyalty.

Unidentified Digital Brand Risks: A Problem of Limited Visibility

Organizations face potential digital brand risks that may go unnoticed, leading to financial losses and reputational damage. Without an effective solution for identifying and monitoring these risks, they are vulnerable to threats that could harm their brand image and customer trust.
  • Takedown as a Service
  • Fake Apps Detection
  • Logo Abuse
  • Digital Presence Feed

Streamlined questionnaires for real time third-party risk assessments.

Simplify and streamline third-party risk assessments by utilizing our real-time, comprehensive questionnaires, ensuring a robust evaluation of external vendors for optimal protection.

Challenges of Inefficient Third-Party Risk Assessments

Inefficient third-party risk assessments can result in missed opportunities to mitigate risks, leading to reputational damage, financial losses, and legal liabilities. Vendor RiskProfiler questionnaires help companies assess third-party risks effectively, and in real-time, avoiding these challenges.
  • Standard Questionnaires
  • Real-time Validation
  • Accurate Assessments
  • Fast, collaborative assessments

Automated reconnaissance for uncovering digital shadow risks.

Discover and neutralize hidden digital threats by leveraging our cutting-edge automated reconnaissance solution, designed to safeguard your organization from digital shadow risks.

The Challenge of Visibility and Control

Managing the external attack surface presents a challenge as companies often lack visibility and control, resulting in undetected assets, vulnerabilities, and threats that can lead to severe cybersecurity breaches and losses.
  • External Assets Discovery
  • Assets Contextualization
  • Attack Surface Reduction
  • Passive Phishing Detection

Securing Your Cloud External Assets

Gain visibility and control over your cloud attack surface with Cloud RISK. Using advanced analytics and graph data models, identify assets, prioritize risks, and proactively mitigate threats to secure your cloud environment.

Shadow Assets in the Cloud

Companies lack visibility and control over shadow assets exposed to the internet within customer cloud accounts. This can lead to undetected security risks, threatening both customers and businesses.
  • Supports all Major Cloud Providers
  • Cleaner DNS Records
  • Cloud Attack Surface Management
  • One Click Onboarding
Cloud Attack Surface Management

Monitor all your cloud environments

Seamlessly integrate RiskProfiler with your cloud environments using our cloud connectors. Achieve real-time visibility and continuous monitoring of your external cloud attack surface, enhancing your cloud security posture.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Digital Ocean
  • Cloudflare
  • Oracle Cloud
Third Party Risk Management

Automated Vendor Risk Management

Enhance your vendor security assessment process to gain a holistic understanding of your vendors’ security status.

  • Advanced Security Ratings
  • Vendor Portfolio
  • Custom Risk Ratings
  • Compliance Mapping
  • Peer Benchmarking
  • Fourth Party Risk Management
External Attack Surface Management

See Your external attack surface like a hacker

Amidst digital transformation’s rapid expansion, Recon RISK offers continuous visibility into your organization’s digital infrastructure, aiding in the identification and management of potential security risks and vulnerabilities.

  • External Assets Inventory
  • DNS Registrar Connectors
  • Attack Path Analysis
  • Recon Security Graph
  • Risks Register
  • Email Breach Monitoring
brand risk management

Bulletproof Your Brand Against External Threats

RiskProfiler equips you with actionable insights to preemptively tackle threats to your brand and stakeholders. Our real-time monitoring keeps you ahead of potential risks, enabling swift counteractions.

  • Domain Take Down as a Service
  • Monitor for Domain Typosquats
  • Fake Mobile Apps Detection
  • Detect Logo Impersonations
  • Detect Phishing Sites
  • Dark Web Data Leaks
Attack Surface Graph

Visualize Context based High Risk attack paths

RiskProfiler combines all of the data about your external facing assets, third-party vendors, vendor risk assessment results, and brand risks into a single graph, making it possible to correlate related issues that create attack paths.

  • Single Graph for Assets & Risks
  • Shadow External Assets in Cloud
  • Context aware Attack Paths
  • Visualize Assets and their Risks
  • Up-To-Date Real time inventory
  • Better Risk Prioritization



Latest From RiskProfiler's Blog, a unified platform for managing Third-Party Risk, Attack Surface Management, and Automated Vendor Questionnaire Assessments, is pleased to announce the appointment of Setu Parimi as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

RiskProfiler is proud to announce that Kelly Castriotta, a globally recognized thought leader in cyber insurance, has joined our Board of Advisors.

Inventory and Asset Management: You need to know what's in your cloud environment before you can secure it.

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