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Setu Parimi Joins RiskProfiler as Co Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Setu-parimi-CTO-RiskProfiler, a unified platform for managing Third-Party Risk, Attack Surface Management, and Automated Vendor Questionnaire Assessments, is pleased to announce the appointment of Setu Parimi as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). 

Setu Parimi is a recognized speaker and an open-source contributor. He has delivered expert talks and training around attack surface management at prestigious conferences, including Black Hat and DEFCON, underscoring his commitment to fostering a more secure digital environment. Setu has a proven track record in Cloud Security and has spearheaded significant initiatives in his previous role at Amazon Web Services, helping to secure the industry’s largest financial services companies in the EMEA region. 

“Setu Parimi is one of the top external threat technologists in the world today. His background spans from the White-hat hacking community through the Open Source Research Community to the largest scale corporate deployments within the cloud providers. Having his unique talents, integrity, and understanding of the external threat topography ensures that our platform will continue to lead the EASM industry in utilizing modern technologies and techniques to protect organizations from external threats. RiskProfiler is here to meet the modern adversaries on the modern battlefields, Setu Parimi not only understands the enemy, but he also understands the technology necessary to identify and defeat them.”  Said Gary Merry, CEO, 

At, Setu will lead the development and execution of the company’s technology strategy. He will oversee the enhancement of’s current product suite, which includes Cyber RiskProfiler, Recon RiskProfiler, and Brand RiskProfiler. He will also focus on ensuring the security and scalability of the company’s technology infrastructure, while continually identifying opportunities for growth and improvement. 

 “Assuming the role of CTO at is an incredible opportunity that allows me to channel my passion for security innovation. Together with our very talented development and security research teams, we’re excited to push boundaries and change the way we handle external attack surface management,” said Setu Parimi. 

With Setu Parimi leading the technology front, is well-positioned for significant growth in attack surface and brand protection services across surface, deep and dark web.  

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